Security requirements have become a necessity in all business verticals either by customer requirements or by the very nature of the business that can no longer wait to improve issues related to application security.

We offer professional services provided by a team of certified Cybersecurity Engineers in certifications such as CISSP, C | EH, CISA, CISM, among others and that have more than 10 years of experience in the OWASP community and linked in multiple projects of said community. This experience is translated into the correct application of OWASP guides, methodologies and reference documents such as OWASP Code Review Guide, OWASP Testing Guide, OWASP Mobile Testing Guide, CISO Guide, OWASP Top 10, OWASP SAMM and OWASP ASVS, among many other recognized documents and accepted internationally.

The market has grown in development teams that use agile methodologies and DevOps that need to involve security early and continuously in software development. And traditional methodologies, although they continue to perform tests in relay stages, they also need to perform security tests in source code in order to optimize efforts and reduce vulnerability remediation costs.

Our vision of services for DevSecOps allows to incorporate security in all the stages of the software development life cycle for any of the development methodologies used and so that they can take full advantage of the capabilities of the tools implemented.

Our entire line of professional services seeks to solve your problems or needs to incorporate security into the development life cycle and to collaborate with the programming teams to make a correct change management and minimize resistance to it. For this, we help to ensure that the security language used in the continuous scan of vulnerabilities and risks can be understood and analyzed by the development teams to perform a joint work between security management and software development to obtain a better product final.

Below, we present our vision for DevSecOps that allows security to be incorporated into all phases of current developments that require total security integration within the development cycle, whether traditional or continuous integration and release (CI / CD).

DevSecOps Activities

We offer the best professionals to work both on site and remotely, depending on their needs that also have continuous support from the professional services area and the center of application security excellence to support them at all times. That’s where the greatest value of the service resides due to the security experience in the development of our team’s software and that will be provided to yours. The outsourcing of security services allows you to concentrate on your business.

Software development Security services

We develop a catalog of professional services so that you can maximize your work teams and the technologies incorporated in order to control from the initial stage of development, risks and vulnerabilities and make the necessary corrections with the support of a team of professionals specialized in secure software development based on good OWASP practices and a high performance work methodology.

  • Onboarding (incorporation) of Projects in Checkmarx solutions
  • Planning and assistance in Security Integration in the SDLC
  • GAP Analysis and Maturity Model of Safe Development
  • Accompaniment to incorporate security in software development processes with agile methodologies
  • Installation and configuration of Checkmarx solutions for security analysis in source code
  • Integration of Checkmarx in IDE and in repositories
  • Vulnerability scanning service in source code
  • Secure software development outsourcing
  • In-person or remote safe development training
  • Remote assistance to secure development queries
  • Definition of processes, roles and policies for safe development
  • Definition of patterns, secure design of services and APIs
  • Incorporation of CI / CD pipeline security
  • Change management towards agile methodologies contemplating security aspects

Through this line of professional services you can improve the maturity of software development to contemplate security requirements. Our professionals can collaborate from the development of RFPs, detail requirements to suppliers, analyze market tools to integrate into the development to program security needs and become part of their team of programmers providing the experience of incorporating security within pipelines of CI / CD and / or within development cycles in agile methodologies such as SCRUM.

Security Services

Having the support of professionals with experience in cybersecurity and secure development together with the experience in the use and configuration of SAST and DAST tools allows you to continuously optimize and improve security processes within software development. There are various modalities and types of service that adapt to your needs.

The SAST and DAST tools can help a lot by integrating into IDEs and repositories but it is necessary and follow-up, administration, analysis and reporting of their results so that they are really efficient and secure development is achieved. Through our professional services we provide all the necessary capacities for analysis and remediation of detected vulnerabilities, making recommendations to their teams or integrating directly with staff working in their offices or remotely.

  • Assistance in the Review and Classification of Results (Triage)
  • Security control of software factory deliverables or internal development teams
  • Support in identification, analysis and mitigation of risks
  • Security Design and Architecture
  • Threat modeling
  • Remediation services
  • Continuous review of vulnerable components

The modality of outsourcing of personnel allows a fast obtaining of results and of working in the day to day next to the existent equipment, incorporating security in the development. Our service scheme can be:

  • Staff Augmentation face-to-face or remote
  • Monthly hours service
  • Monthly service for projects

Operations Services

Current operations require continuous care, analysis and establishment of metrics and objectives that can be reported continuously together with executive and technical dashboards for decision making. In addition, it is necessary to establish control and monitoring protocols to ensure operational safety and protect productive environments.

  • Definition and management of KPIs
  • Definition and maintenance of reports
  • Definition and creation of dashboards
  • API integration and event correlation
  • Vulnerability time analysis (Initial vs. current)
  • Version control
  • Production passages monitoring (verify that it was the same scanned code)
  • Analysis of improvements in software development and necessary improvements
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Web penetration tests
  • Mobile penetration tests