We offer a complete security service in software development, adding a staff to your work team. We add profiles of secure programmers that will help improve coding, analyze results of vulnerability scans, identify risks and mitigate them. They will also carry out a debugging of false positives and can be safety references in agile development methodologies.

It is the simplest way to accelerate your secure software development processes. We offer the best professionals in addition to having the full support of the professional services area to support them at all times. That is where the greatest value of the service lies due to the security experience in software development of our team and that will be provided to yours.

The outsourcing of security services allows you to focus on your business.

We can provide both stuff augmentation to increase the staff of your equipment a full outsourcing service in which we analyze the security results delivered by your factories software and carry out the coordination of remediations and validations prior to a release. The model is flexible, contact us to analyze the best option for your organization.